Alz-Canal disconnection and rehabilitation


  • Marine
  • Hydraulic Engineering


Dorsch International Consultants


Wacker Chemie AG


From 2014 to 2017

Project Activities

  • Design of engineering structures (canal channels and special structures), including local construction supervision and construction management
  • Structural design for the channel and special structures
  • Project Management
  • Construction logistics
  • Market research regarding the cleaning of the Alz Canal
  • Creation of a pre-investigation program for building appraisals (diving, radar surveys)
  • Creation of building appraisals
  • Hydraulic calculations of the channel
  • Safety and health coordination (planning phase)
  • Auditing of selected construction companies
  • Hazard analyzes
  • Evaluation of weather data to determine the optimal shutdown period and the weather risk
  • Creation of inspection and maintenance plans
  • Surveying concept for the entire canal section, including the special structures
  • Geotechnical stability calculations
  • Final documentation of the services performed


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After the aging of the Alz Canal with its numerous special structures had progressed far, a general restoration was inevitable. Maintaining stability, sustainably extending the service life and increasing cost-effectiveness - these were the overarching project goals. After placing the order in September 2014, the planning services were started immediately and successfully completed.

The Alz Canal is an artificially created trunk canal that leads in 3 sections from Trostberg to Burghausen. The project comprises section 4, which was built between 1916 and 1922 and leads from Hirten via Burgkirchen to Burghausen and finally flows into the Salzach after crossing the Wacker Chemie AG plant.


Repair of the Alz Canal consisting of the sections concrete trough, concrete trough with prefabricated lining, asphalt gutter, reinforced concrete trough, tunnels 1 and 2, railway culvert, relief system, moated castle, reservoir, turbine house with bypass channel, weir system and calming basin with Alz-culvert.

Project measures

General rehabilitation over a length of about 16 kilometers