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About DC Egypt

DCE has experience in working within diverse economic, cultural and political systems for institutional, public and private clients. In addition, we can draw contributions from over 3,000 technical and support professionals operating worldwide in over 40 offices, sharing knowledge and experiences through more than 60 years.

With almost 11 years in the field of Engineering Consultancy, DCE exemplifies such a brilliant legacy. For years it has remained true to its roots and core values while being at the forefront of innovation and global trends. Nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that the company general manager personally oversees all our mega-scale projects.

DCE team is more than 200 people ranked among the best calibers who are constantly cultivating their talents and expertise. This commitment has allowed us to deliver the best quality service at every stage of each project.

DCE team of engineers provides feasibility studies, property and site appraisal, design, construction management, procurement, and quality control.

DCE completed a series of groundbreaking projects in collaboration with most of the important clients leading the markets and governmental entities.

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Management Dorsch Egypt

DC Egypt at a glance

  • many years of experience in the region
  • Founded in 2010
  • Multi-disciplinary Engineering/Architecture Firm (E/A)
  • With various number of domestic projects in Egypt and Mena region to date


Dorsch Consult Egypt Office 
7A Street 20
Sarayat ElMaadi, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

Phone: +202. 23 59 5477
Phone: +202. 23 59 6225
Fax: +202. 25 17 2471
Email: dce@dorsch.com