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Water & Environment

Urban Sanitary Engineering in Focus

The use and availability of water is something we all take for granted. But when it comes to protecting water, innovative and sustainable solutions are needed more than ever. We are taking on this task with great commitment and in particular make sure that used water is drained, cleaned and returned into the cycle – whether in individual households or industrial plants. 

Our range of services also includes sewer and concrete rehabilitation projects as well as hydraulic sewer network calculations, system surveys and pipework documentation. In handling complex projects we guarantee exceptionally high quality thanks to our specialised professional planners.

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We offer the following services

  • Maintenance and optimization of wastewater plants
  • Sewer and structure management
  • System recording and pipe network documentation
  • Rehabilitation measures


  • Drainage systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Siphons
  • Sewage sludge treatment and disposal
  • Special structures
  • Optimization tuning and process engineering consulting