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Dorsch Global Compliance

Our core values define who we are, how we act and what we stand for. We aim to create innovative, holistic and sustainable values for all our stakeholders. Shaping future’s essential infrastructure, we contribute in achieving cross-generational equality on a global basis.

Acting with Integrity

Social responsibility and economic success are two objectives of Dorsch Global that cannot be separated from each other. Responsible and ethical conduct towards employees, business partners, society and the environment are integral to our principles and the basis for successful cooperation.

Dorsch Global Compliance

Responsible and ethical conduct towards employees and colleagues, business partners and society, but also towards the environment, is an integral part of our principles and the basis for good collaboration. Therefore, Dorsch Gruppe has established a global compliance organization that is maintaining best practices, processes, procedures and trainings globally.

Dorsch Code of Conduct

A globally binding Code of Conduct outlines our principles of ethics and behavior, which are equally applicable to all employees, executives and our business partners. Our Code of Conduct serves as a moral compass for our day-to-day decisions and actions. Dorsch does not tolerate violations of applicable laws, rules or Dorsch Code of Conduct and we expect the same view from our partners. For this reason, Dorsch created Code of Conduct  for Business Partners to ensure, our business partners have the same understanding of our vision.

Dorsch Integrity Line

Violations of applicable law, rules or the Dorsch Code of Conduct are incompatible with our values and will not be tolerated, For this reason, Dorsch Global established Integrity Line which can be accessible 24 hour seven-day-per-week  for those who would like to ask questions or report concerns about business practices, violations of law, and company policies.

More information can be found in Dorsch Code of Conduct.

German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz)

Complaints pursuant to section 8 of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act concerning actual or potential violations of human rights or environmental damage in connection with Dorsch Gruppe companies’ own operations or suppliers of Dorsch Global companies can be communicated through the respective complaints reporting channel [LINK], among other methods of communication.

Contact Compliance

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